Lou Williams Once Talked A Gunman Out of Robbing Him

During the New York Knicks-Los Angeles Clippers game, Mike Breen talks about the time that Lou Williams was robbed when he was playing for the Philadelphia 76ers.

While stopped in his car in Manayunk on Christmas Eve, Williams was approached by a man with a gun. The situation was deflated when the gunman recognized Lou Williams and commended him for all the work that he has been doing in the community. Williams said he treated the man to a meal at a local fast-food restaurant by giving him some money.

Back in 2011, Lou Williams talked about what that situation was like.

"A guy tried to rob me but decided not to because of whatever I do in the community," the 25-year-old Williams told the Daily News while he was in Philadelphia. "He's a Lou Williams fan, so he didn't rob me."

Photo: Getty Images

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