Executives Believe LeBron James' Trade Value Has Decreased Significantly

LeBron James' first season with the Los Angeles Lakers wasn't what he envisioned when he came in as a free agent this past summer. The injury on Christmas day, the talk around an Anthony Davis trade and how that impacted the team, Luke Walton on the hot seat and the Lakers likely missing the playoffs is everything this team had to deal with in LeBron James' first season as a Laker.

According to Ric Bucher of Bleacher Report, rival executives have said that if the Lakers were to make a trade for LeBron James, they wouldn't give up the house to get him.

One Western Conference owner said he would consider dealing for James but with conditions.

"Depends on what I'd have to give up," he said. "I wouldn't roll up the truck and give more than one protected first round pick."

Another executive also noted a decrease in what James could net a team in a trade:

I still think you could get a decent package for him from a bad team," one Western Conference assistant GM says. "A first-round pick and a good young player. But it would've been a lot more a year ago, for sure."

James is obviously still one of the greatest basketball players to ever play the game even at this stage of his career. Any chance of the Lakers dealing James this offseason would be slim to none.

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