Clyde Frazier Rips LeBron James For Not Being 'A Part Of The Team'

During Sunday’s Lakers-Knicks game, Hall of Famer Clyde Frazier was asked about LeBron’s sneakers that he was wearing during the game.

That question led to Frazier going off on LeBron’s attitude as the Lakers star sat at the end of the bench instead of participating in the huddle during a time out. Here is what he said:

“This type of behavior is not — when you’re the face of the NBA, I think you should be more a part of your team. No matter what is going on. In the public, you gotta be a part of the team. In the locker room, you’re not. But you have to exude that type of togetherness in public. And right now, we see that he doesn’t really care.”

Frazier went on to say that the team’s demeanor was why Luke Walton was expected to be gone at the end of the season.

Photo: Getty Images

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