Jeremy Lin Talks About The Time He Was Disrespected By Kobe Bryant

In 2012, Jeremy Lin took the NBA world by storm when he essentially came out of nowhere and put together high level performances like nobody has seen before. One person who had no idea who he was when he was in New York was Kobe Bryant.

In an interview with Yahoo! Sports Canada, Lin talked about the time that the Knicks were getting set to play the Lakers, and Kobe had no idea who he was at the peak of "Linsanity."

I played against him multiple times in my rookie year, so I think he definitely should've known who I was. If anything. I stand out when I get onto the court; I don't look like anybody else, so I think he probably remembered me. I just remember at that time, I think I had just past the guaranteed date, so I was still on my brother's couch and taking taxis to the game. I jumped in the taxi, I was going to the game, and in New York they've got taxis with the screen. And that's where I was it. So i was on the way to the game and they're like, 'Tonight's matchup: New York Knicks vs. Los Angeles Lakers and Kobe..' and they showed the clip, 'Kobe has no idea who Jeremy is.' I looked at it and I was like, 'That's hella annoying.' So this is where my mind goes, I'm always like daydreaming. So I'm like, I'm going to hit the game winner and after the game-winner they're going to be like, 'Oh so do you think Kobe knows who you are now?"

That game, Jermey Lin dropped a season-high 38 points on 56.5 percent shooting from the field and led the Knicks over the Lakers 92-85.

Photo: Getty Images

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