(WATCH): Yasiel Puig Talks About His Appreciation For Dodgers Fans

Today, the Los Angeles Dodgers took on the Cincinnati Reds in an afternoon Spring Training game.

One familiar face that Dodgers fans had the pleasure of seeing again is Yasiel Puig. During his fist at bat, he walked up to face Ryu and a huge applause erupted from fans all around the stadium to show their appreciation for Puig. After the game, Puig talked about his love for Dodgers fans everywhere:

That's the best part and the biggest part I'm going to miss all the fans in Los Angeles. Every day, when the game starts, yelling my name, start yelling all the other players' names, supporting the team. nine innings straight. We're losing by 5, 10 and the fans are still there. That's that city, and that's why I miss it and that's why I want to say thank you to the fans in Los Angeles.

Photo: Getty Images

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