Kobe Bryant Once Learned Bosnian To Talk Trash To Jusuf Nurkic

Kobe Bryant was known as somebody who will always do anything to win the game. Even if that means going over the top to do it.

Portland center Jusuf Nurkic made an appearance on SportsCenter and talked about the time that Kobe Bryant swore at him in Bosnian. Here is what he said on that:

“He’s shooting the free throws (Kobe), and I’m out there like: ‘Nobody can even touch him, how is that possible?’ Whole night he was shooting free throws.
He actually said a word in my language. I’m I was like, ‘I didn’t really hear right. He can’t speak my language!’
Then we go back and forward, and he goes again to [shoot] free throws. And he repeats that! It was [a] curse word! I was like, ‘I’m pretty sure he said that!’
After a couple years in the league, he was preparing himself and he plays against some teams he will try to learn a little bit about every player he plays.”

We all knew Kobe is obsessed with winning, but getting in the heads of opponents

Photo: Getty Images

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