LeBron James Defends Russell Westbrook After The Heckler Incident

After snapping a five-game losing streak in Chicago, Tuesday night, LeBron James was asked about the day’s most-talked about topic in NBA coverage which was the Utah Jazz fan who was heckling Russell Westbrook during Monday night's game. Here is some of what he told (Spectrum Sportsnet):

“I did not see it when it happened. Obviously I heard about it today. I wanted to get all the information before I even commented on it. I think that situation, the fan was out of line and what he said to Russ, there comes a point where it’s about respect, and the only thing we’ve got in life is respect, at the end of the day.”
“We can play basketball, we can report about the game, you guys can cover the game, but at the end of the day as a man, all you guys show respect. That guy crossed a line. It was funny that he tried to backtrack and say what he didn't do. I’ve never seen a fan get interviewed like that before…. And as bad as social media is, the good thing in social media came out when they went through everything he said about. and said about other people in his little timeline.

This has been a big issue as of late in terms of player/fan interaction. It will be interesting to see if Adam Silver steps in and addresses this issue.

Photo: Getty Images

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