Dave Roberts Opens Up About The Meeting With Bryce Harper

Dave Roberts joins the Dan Patrick Show to talk about the meeting with Bryce Harper, Clayton Kershaw, and if the Dodgers roster is set as it is.

Dave Roberts on if he was surprised Bryce Harper signed with the Phillies:

No. Ultimately him and his wife got the best offer and they wanted to go with the biggest commitment.
I think he was really trying to kick the tires on a couple ball clubs. Our meeting went really well. When you got the opportunity to talk to a superstar like him it only makes sense to do so.

On If the Dodgers are set with this roster:

I do. We have some serious tough decisions. I just think with our pitching depth, I don’t see us anything up until opening day.
Right now, I think with the opener, these are lineups that are pretty much set. Most teams now are getting away from the set spot in the lineup.

Photo: Getty Images

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