Bryce Harper Sends A Message To Mike Trout About Playing Together In 2020

Bryce Harper decided to pass on the Giants and Dodgers and signed a 13-year, $330 million contract with the Phillies. He has wasted no time at all and has his sights set on a certain free agent already.

In an interview Tuesday on 94WIP with Jon Marks & Ike Reese Harper said he would let Mike Trout be Mike Trout during the season, but come 2020, he is going to be putting on his recruiting hat.

“I don’t think John’s scared to go out and get the best guys that we need to have. I think it’s respecting Mike Trout in a certain way during the season and letting him play and do the things he needs to do to of course to be Mike Trout. But if you don’t think I’m not gonna call Mike Trout in 2020 to have him come to Philly, you’re crazy.”

Of course every team and player would love to have Mike Trout but it will be interesting to see what Mike Trout will do beyond the 2019-2020 season.

Photo: Getty Images

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