Snoop Dogg Offered Up His Lakers Box Seat For $5

You could say Snoop Dogg is just a tad bit upset over the Lakers this season.

Following the Lakers loss on Saturday to the Western Conference’s worst team in the Phoenix Suns, the rapper took to social media. In a single-minute video, he profanely blasted the team’s play, demanded most of the team be traded and/or fired and offered up his booth at Staples Center to fans.

In the NSFW video (click on the link here for full video), Snoop Dogg goes on a full on rant and made sure to tell everybody who was watching who is is blaming on the Lakers shortcomings this season.

"Somebody got to go" and says it should start with coach Luke Walton. Get LeBron [James] some f****** help.

Later on in the video, he says that he was selling his booth, and he was putting it on the market for $5 because of how upset he was.

Photo: Screenshot (Snoop Dogg)

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