Max Muncy On The Home Run Ball In Game 3: "I Don't Know Where The Ball Is"

Dodgers Max Muncy joins David Vassegh before the Spring Training game vs. the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Muncy on the homerun in the World Series:

I don't remember what it was like, it was such a blur of the moment kind of thing. When it goes over the wall. It was such a pure joy in the motion that i just went by so quickly you don't remember any of it.

Muncy on where the Game 3 home in the World Series is right now:

I don't know where the ball is. The only story I heard about the ball was someone offered a bunch of money and the guy turned it down. I don't know who has it, i don't know where it is, I don't know if it is in one peace anymore.

Listen to the conversation below!

Photo: Getty Images

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