Donald Trump Revisits His Old Feud With LaVar Ball

The Donald Trump and LaVar mini feud has been reignited.

In 2017, LaVar Ball's son LiAngelo Ball was arrested in China alongside two of his UCLA teammates for theft, and President Donald Trump took credit for their release. Two years later, Donald Trump brought up the situation once again:

"I said, 'It would be a great thing if you could possibly let them out, according to Caleb Ecarma from Mediaite. "He goes, 'So be it. They're out.' I thought, I said, 'Is this different than our country, huh? Just a little bit different?' And we got them out. Then we came back and the one father said, 'Well we don't know that Trump helped. I sent a consultant.' That consultant would have gotten nowhere."

He went on to talk more about the situation that happened in China:

“I wasn’t happy with those three players because they never gave our country much credit for having gotten them out, and believe me they’d be in jail stealing in a store in China is a very big offense,” he said.

Eventually LiAngelo Ball thanked Trump and the government for helping him and his teammates leave China. We will probably see or hear LaVar Ball respond to the President's comments very soon.

Photo: Getty Images

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