Dave Roberts Talks About The Meeting With Bryce Harper

Late last night, news broke that the Dodgers officials including manager Dave Roberts and Andrew Friedman, flew out to Las Vegas to meet with Bryce Harper according to Jesse Sanchez of MLB.com. Today, Dave Roberts talked to the media about the conversations that took place and

We are always trying to make our team better. You are always trying to improve your team in anyway, but our focus is on the players here in camp.
"It was good. It was good. Just trying to get to know each other. "I think in the spirit of us as the Dodgers, vetting a certain process makes sense and for those guys to do their due diligence as well."

Whether the visit to Las Vegas represents serious interest or not, it is interesting that the Dodgers at least checked in with Bryce Harper.

. But it is very interesting just an extraordinarily late exercise in kicking the tires will likely be revealed soon.

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Photo: Getty Images

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