MLB Announces The Implementation Of A 20-Second Pitch Clock

Major League Baseball has announced the format of the pitch timer that will be used during the Spring Training games. Here are the formal rules

  • In the first Spring Training games, the 20-second timer will operate without enforcement so as to make players and umpires familiar with the new system.
  • Early next week, umpires will issue reminders to pitchers and hitters who violate the rule, but no ball-strike penalties will be assessed. Between innings, umpires are expected to inform the club's field staff (manager, pitching coach or hitting coach) of any violations.
  • Later in Spring Training, and depending on the status wit the MLB Association, umpires will be instructed to begin assessing ball-strike penalties violations.

No decision has been made if the MLB will implement this format in regular season games.

Photo: Getty Images

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