College Lacrosse Player Benched Because No Helmet Fits His Head

A freshman lacrosse player from Wheaton College is being forced to sit out simply because his head is too big.

Alex Chu, who is currently at 6-feet, 265 pounds, was recruited to Wheaton College to join the lacrosse team. Upon arrival at the Division III program, however, both he and the school have been unable to find an helmet that big enough to be able to fit him.

Chu spoke with the Boston Globe about the issue he is currently having:

“Lacrosse is kind of my whole life. I can’t remember ever going this long without playing.”

Chu has been using a one-off fabricated helmet made by a local provider which was just two helmets cut in half and fastened together. But, the NCAA will not allow him to wear the makeshift helmet and is now waiting on one of the major helmet manufacturers to design one for him, but there’s no evidence that’s going to happen.

Photo: Getty Images

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