The AAF Has Reached Out To Colin Kaepernick And Tim Tebow

The Alliance of American Football is off to a great start with hard hitting, explanations with plays that are being reviewed, and solid reviews for one weekend of football. But one thing that seems to be lacking is exciting quarterback.

League co-founder Bill Polian told Lindsay Jones of The Athletic that CEO Charlie Ebersol reached out to Colin Kapernick about the quarterback’s interest in playing in the league.

“I don’t know what transpired, but he’s obviously not playing,” Polian said Thursday.

Polian also said that he spoke with Tim Tebow, but certainly got the feeling that he wants to keep playing baseball for the New York Mets.

Currently, Kaepernick currently has a pending collusion with the lawsuit against the NFL. Kaepernick, 31, is a former second-round pick of the 49ers back in 2010. He was in the third year of a contract that was worth 126.7 million and $61 million guaranteed with the San Francisco 49ers.

Photo: Getty Images

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