Austin Rivers Confronts Fan Who Called Out His Dad Doc Rivers

Austin Rivers spent four seasons playing for his father, Doc Rivers, with the Clippers. Now with the Houston Rockets, Rivers made sure he stood up for his dad no matter what team he is playing with.

As Rivers made his way through the tunnel, one fan yelled, “Your dad sucks at coaching" right into Rivers' face. Rivers then turned around, “Huh, say something?” The fan played it off like he didn't say anything and moved on from it.

This year has been a wild year for Austin Rivers. He finds himself on a team with James Harden and sitting in the #5 spot in the Western Conference. Rivers is in the middle of his seventh season in the NBA and averages 9.3 points per game for his career while shooting 34.9 percent from deep.

Photo: Instagram justinbolton

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