Lance Stephenson Denies Being Involved In The "Heated" Exchange

After the game, several reports came out that their was a big altercation in the Lakers locker room. Lance Stephenson told the media to "get the real facts" following Saturday's loss to the Warriors.

The Lakers lost to the Golden State Warriors at the Oracle Arena on Saturday night in a game where LeBron James, recently returned from injury, sat out in order to manage his workload.

During the game, Michael Beasley and JaVale McGee are claimed to have taken exception to Walton's criticism and countered by expressing concern with the coach's rotations. Stephenson was also mentioned as being involved, but he remained adamant that he wasn't involved with any of it.

"[The] media decided to add Lance Stephenson. I'm in a very happy place, nothing but positive. If u going to write a story get the real facts please," he wrote. "FAKE NEWS"

The Lakers towards the end of the game shot 7/28 from from the field during a dismal late run that effectively cost them the game and Walton was unimpressed.

Photo: Getty Images

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