Chargers’ Anthony Lynn Meets First Responders Who Saved Him

Chargers coach Anthony Lynn was in an emotional Verizon commercial that aired during the second half of Super Bowl LIII.

The commercial shows a few of the first responders coming forward to say they were there the night he was hit by a drunk driver while crossing the street.

Chargers coach Anthony Lynn was also on the Dan Patrick Show earlier and talked about the win vs. Ravens and talks about why he calls Todd Haley a brother for life. 

I ended up getting hit by a drunk driver and by all means I probably should have died that night. I got hit by a car going 60 MPH at least three times the legal limit drunk. But i survived and Todd (Haley) was with me the whole time. He watched me get hit and fly 50 feet in the air and land on the car. Listen to the conversation! 

Photo: Getty Images

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