Pelicans Reportedly Not Interested In The Lakers Offer For Anthony Davis

Yesterday, news came out the Magic Johnson proposed five different trade scenarios in order to acquire Anthony Davis. The mega trade proposal was to send Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kuzma, Brandon Ingram, Zubac, and picks in exchange for Anthony Davis.

According Brian Windhorst , it looks like the Pelicans aren't interested in that big offer.

From what I know, from sources have told me, the Pelicans are not interested. They’re not interested in any of it. They’re not interested in two first-round picks and all four young players. They don’t like the Lakers’ offer.

In the beginning of the week, news circulated that the Pelicans would not even take calls from the Lakers. But yesterday, it was reported by Brad Turner of the Los Angeles Times that Magic got Dell Demps on the phone and proposed 5 different scenarios to try to acquire the big man.

We are a little under a week from the trade deadline and so much can happen from now until Thursday. The Pelicans could have a change of heart, but it is looking more likely that they will hold on to Anthony Davis the rest of this season.

Photo: Getty Images

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