Ronnie Lott On The Rams: What They Have Built Is Remarkable

Hall of Famer Ronnie Lott joins Roggin and Rodney live from the Super Bowl to talk about the Rams, Patriots and More!

Ronnie Lott on the Rams:

They are back! They are not only back, but they had a phenomenal season. I love the coach, I know a little bit about them because of the relationship that he has with John McVay and being a part of that family. What they have built in a very short time in putting a lot of talent together is remarkable.
Kudos to all the Rams employees, all the people associated with the Rams and more importantly the fans who have been there for many many years. They have to be excited in Southern California.

Listen to the conversation below!

Ronnie Lott Joins Roggin and Rodney

Photo: Getty Images

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