Rams And Patriots Fans Show Off Premature Super Bowl Champs Tattoos

The Super Bowl between the Los Angeles Rams and New England Patriots is set to kick off in just a couple of days and fans are gearing up for it. A popular tradition in the past couple of years is fans getting "Super Bowl Champion" tattoos before the team they root for actually win the Super Bowl. The tradition lives on here in 2019.

Both guys pictured above each got "Super Bowl LIII" tattoos with a Patriots and a Rams logo on it. It’s something we see happen every year and it really hasn't gotten old to see either someone take the chance of a lifetime to declare their team Super Bowl Champions very early.

In terms of the game, No player has ever won six Super Bowl rings, but Patriots quarterback Tom Brady will look to become the first and make up for the defeat by the Philadelphia Eagles. On the other hand Sean McVay will look to become the youngest head coach to win a Super Bowl and bring a championship back to Los Angeles just a few years after.

Photo: R@msF@nSince76

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