David Freese Says He Would Have Retired If The Dodgers Didn't Re-Sign Him

Dodgers David Freese joined the stage at Dodgers FanFest to speak on how he almost retired if the Dodgers didn't bring him back.

I'm just grateful to keep my career going. It honestly could have ended if I didn't get traded and I stayed in Pitt, I could have just ended that session of my life. To get traded, it turned things up and I am excited.

Freese also spoke with Andy McCollugh from the Los Angeles Times to talk about how he almost retired after he played with the Pirates and the landscape of free agency in 2018-2019.

“Data is laying it out there on how guys play, how they show up later on in these huge deals,” Freese said. “And I guess it’s just not panning out. So teams are just not going to throw that out there — especially if there aren’t more than a team or two fighting for a certain player. Especially if you’re in your 30s.”

Listen below to full interview at Dodgers FanFest!

David Freese

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