Dave Roberts Joins To Talk Super Bowl, Free Agency, and Yasiel Puig

Manager Dave Roberts joins Roggin and Rodney to discuss Rams, free agency, Yasiel Puig, and the World Series:

Dave Roberts advice to Sean McVay: 

We exchanged text messages and I couldn't be more excited for him and the city of Los Angeles. It is the same game with what comes with it the noise, distraction potential gets in the way. 

Dave Roberts on the outside noise:

Speaking for Andrew Friedman and our entire organization, we hear it. You can look back at years past where their was an outcry for X, Y, or Z player and we took a pass and it worked out pretty well for us. 

Dave Roberts on taking out Rich Hill: 

 When I went out there to give him a pat on the butt, he assumed I was coming to get the baseball which I didn't signal.  

Listen to the conversation below! 


Photo: Getty Images

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