Dave Roberts: Come Opening Day, Our Fans Are Going To Love Our Ball Club.

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts joins Dodger Talk with David Vassegh to talk about being a part of the Annual Kingdom Day parade, Trump's tweet during the World Series, and a Corey Seager update. 

Dave Roberts on the offseason: 

We've had a great run up to this point, and so a little bit Dave is a little bit shuffling the deck or the cast to keep the core together, the nucleus. But you always want to keep guys hungry and going forward and sometimes a change in cast members is what the solution is. 

Dave Roberts on if the Dodgers roster is set: 

We are not done yet. Come opening day, our fans are going to love our ball club.  

Dave Roberts on Corey Seager:

 I'm very excited and optimistic. I do believe he is going to be the Corey Seager we all know and hope him to be. He is in great shape, he is healthy, we expect him to be 100% ready for spring training. He has MVP caliber potential. 


Photo: Getty Images

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