Referees Will Use Twitter During Games To Answer Fans' Questions On Calls

The NBA referees will now take to Twitter to answer fans’ questions about calls in real-time as part of an initiative between the league and the National Basketball Referees Association.

Fans can now tweet @OfficialNBARefs or use the hashtag #RefWatchParty to ask referees remotely watching the specified games to explain the nature of certain calls. The first two games where this feature will be active are the Warriors against the Lakers on Martin Luther King Day (Monday, Jan. 21) and Spurs against the Sixers on Wednesday, Jan. 23. 

The NBA is going to be focusing on these two games and letting fans ask a bunch of questions on calls that didn't make sense to them. Twitter especially the past couple years has been a home for NBA fans on debates, reactions on questionable calls, and just flat out fun for fans. Given how often there’s debate over what’s a foul and what isn’t, it is going to be great to see how this could add to the experience. 

This new feature is going to continue through the NBA playoffs and is hoping for some positive feedback on this feature. 

Photo: Getty Images 

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