Alex Rodriguez Messes With A Fan Who Didn't Recognize Him

This fan has to admit that she was pranked pretty good. 

Rodriguez posted a video on him playing a little prank on a fan who wasn’t 100% sure if she was actually talking to ARod, the guy dating Jennifer Lopez. 

He asks the fan to pull up a picture so he can see if there is a resemblance. He leans over to see. 

“First of all, I would never wear pajamas that goofy. What a tool.”

The fan brings up a picture of Rodriguez and Lopez at a red carpet event. Rodriguez then says: 

“Oh, that guy is handsome.” That’s when the fan begins to realize what’s going on.

In the clip, Rodriguez plays along and downplays who he really is while messing around with the woman shows him, trying to get him to admit that he is in fact ARod.

Yeah, ARod..the’s the guy that JLo is dating,” she says, showing him pictures of himself.

Rodriguez then let the prank go before he introduces himself.

 “Nice to meet you.” 

Photo: Alex Rodriguez Instagram 

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