Eric Dickerson On The Rams: I Really See Us Winning That Football Game

Hall of Famer Eric Dickerson joins Roggin and Rodney to talk about the Rams win over the Cowboys and the upcoming matchup vs. the Saints. 

Eric Dickerson on his thoughts on the matchup Rams vs. Saints: 

(15:52): I see us going back to the scene of the crime. They beat us earlier this year it was the shoot out. It is hard to beat New Orleans in New Orleans. I really see us winning that football game. 

(22:13): One thing about most running backs, if you hit them early and hard enough it is almost frustrating and that is what they did to Zeke. They kept him boxed in, they didn't let him get away, and after that their was no "feed me." 

Listen to the conversation below! 

eric dickerson

Photo: Getty Images

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