Shawne Merriman And Rayshawn Jenkins Join Backstage Chargers

Shawne Merriman and Rayshawn Jenkins joins Backstage Chargers to talk about everything leading up to Divisional playoff game vs. the Patriots. 

On being the coaches trusting him: 

The coaches trust me enough to put me in those situations. I never thought I would be playing nickel in the NFL. Last week I was starting at nickel. It is good to have coaches that trust you. 

On playing defensive back for the Chargers:

I actually went to the University of Miami to play slot receiver and safety. I only played 20 plays in 4 years. My main position was running back but I'm a taller guy. I felt like DB was my first love but I didn't know it yet. 

Shawne Merriman on Philip Rivers celebration on the first down run: 

 You see a guy that emotional and that passionate about what he is doing. Not to mention, that was a long run by Philip. 

Listen to the conversation below! 

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Photo: Getty Images

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