Russell Martin On Coming Back: It Almost Feels Like A Dream

The newest Dodger Russell Martin joins David Vassegh to talk about his reaction to the trade and Andre Either's comments on him being his favorite player to play with of all-time.  

Russell Martin's reaction to the trade: 

It feels almost like a dream. LA felt like home and people are saying "hey, you are coming back home" and it really does feel like that because it is funny I'm from Canada and I was playing for the Blue Jays. 

On proving his doubters: 

Proving people wrong is definitely motivation. If they are just looking at the numbers, they might not even be happy with this move. Obviously I want to have a better statistical season there's no question about it and I am doing everything possible in my control as far as being in the cage, taking swings, getting my body ready, getting in shape. When it comes to baseball, winning, and getting your best out of your pitching staff and getting the best out of your teammates and yourself, there's some intangibles there you can't measure.

Listen to the conversation! 

russell martin

Photo: Getty Images 

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