Justin Turner On If The Leg Kick Was The Biggest Change In His Career

Justin Turner joins our insider David Vassegh on Dodgers Talk to talk about his work around the community why free agency has slowed in comparison to years past, and if the "leg kick" has been the biggest change in his career. 

Justin Turner on free agency/trades: 

I know people were anticipating something big to come after the trade with the Reds but obviously that stuff hasn't developed yet. But I am sure something will be coming soon. 

From a player standpoint, guys would like to see 15 year contracts and every team backing up the Brink trucks to them. This is kind of the way the business has gone the past couple of years.  I am not sure what is going on, obviously those two big pieces are still out there with Harper and Machado and a lot of times in free agency you wait for those guys to make a decision and everyone else starts falling off the market afterward. 

Justin Turner on how guys around the league go about hitting these days: 

Everyone is looking for that magic pill that fixes everything. Hitting is not like that. Something you have to go in every day and make small tweaks and adjustments. There's not one swing that will turn you into an MVP. Things happen you get sore, your knees a little banged up, you are facing a guy with a sinker ball guy, slider guy and a guy with a curve ball. Hitting is way too hard to figure out one swing. 

Justin Turner on if the leg kick has been the biggest change in his career: 

 Yes and no. I've always hit with a leg kick but I never understood what I was doing with it and it was always kind of a timing thing for me to get my timing down. Once I learned how to leg kick and get my body in a good position, that is kind of when things kind of took off. 

Which team he is going for in the playoffs this weekend:  

I gotta go with the Chargers, they are the hot team right now. 

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