Someone Used The Big Screen At Kauffman Stadium To Play Mario Kart

This video you will see is something everyone has wanted to do at least one time one their life. 

In tweet from sports reporter Tom Martin, the people at CBS sent out a helicopter and something they noticed something that caught they off guard. A CBS Station in Kansas City caught someone playing Mario Kart on the big screen at Kauffman Stadium which is the home of the Kansas City Royals. 

We sent our helicopter out to get aerials of Arrowhead Stadium and on its way there it noticed a game of Mario Kart had broken out on the Crown Vision board at Kauffman Stadium?? 

Turns out it was for a charity fundraiser for the Royals which was confirmed on Twitter later in the day. It added there might be another opportunity to play the game on the big screen later this year, where it's looking to auction off the experience for a good cause. This is pure genius and something I am sure everyone would like to participate him. 

Photo: TomKCTV5 Twitter 

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