(VIDEO): Justin Turner Managed To Hit A Baseball Blindfolded

The social media craze at the moment is the #BirdBoxChallenge where people are posting videos of themselves doing certain activities blindfolded, just like in the movie Bird Box, which is getting a lot of praise ever since the film premiered on Netflix. Los Angeles 

Dodgers third baseman Justin Turner decided to join the movement, and in this video he's trying to hit a baseball blindfolded. The third baseman decided to do something we haven't seen anybody do yet. 

It definitely took JT a couple of tries to hit the ball but it is such an impressive showing from Justin Turner. Netflix in the middle of last week cautioned everyone from doing anything blindfolded so if you are willing to try this at home you better be careful. 

The Dodgers are just a little over a month away from starting Spring Training over at Camelback Ranch. 

Photo: Getty Images

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