High School Coach Caught Swapping In Different Triplet For Foul Shot

This weekend, Dora High School boys basketball team won a local tournament after a 64-62 nail biting win over Licking High School. After their win, many people who attended the game noticed something pretty suspicious.

Video footage shown during the game had No. 34, Auston Luna, get fouled and swapping out with his brother, No. 20 Bryson, who instead takes the shot while Auston headed to the bench. 

Ozarks Sports Zone talked to coach Rick Luna and he told them that the swap wasn’t planned at all and noted that his team only shot 1-for-4 on the free throws so it didn't really give them an advantage. 

Josh Murray a parent of a player on the opposite team  told the News-Leader no one on their side noticed while the game was being played. But when the video from the game was watched afterward, they noticed the swapping. 

Photo: Getty Images

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