NBA Legends Fire Back At LeBron After Claiming He Is The GOAT

On a recent episode of "More Than An Athlete," LeBron James said beating the 2016 Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals: "That one right there made me the greatest player of all time." Many athletes since then chimed in on his comments. 

In an episode of Players’ Only on NBA TV, McHale and Thomas sat with another legend in Chris Webber and discussed the James' comments. 

I've never heard one of the greatest say they were the greatest of all-time. 

Kevin McHale also chimed in on his comments: 

We all sit in this table and sing him praises. I think LeBron is a great player. I just think that’s disrespectful honestly to Bill Russell. What did Bill Russell do? Won every time. He’s saying: you want to win? Come with me, we’ll win it all the time. That’s what this game is all about."

Isiah Thomas who has said in the past that LeBron James is a better athlete than Michael Jordan even thought that LeBron's comments were uncalled for. 

“I have never heard Michael Jordan say that he is the greatest player of all time, even though he may think that. Even though Kareem may think that, you just don’t come out and say that,” Thomas added.

James has the opportunity to add to his resume in the next few seasons and continue the GOAT debate that probably won't end anytime soon. 

Photo: Getty Images

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