David Vassegh On What Dodgers Fans Can Expect The Rest Of The Offseason

david vassegh

After the Dodgers traded away Yasiel Puig, Matt Kemp, and Alex Wood to the Reds, our insider David Vassegh joins Fred Roggin and Ryan Hollins to talk about what the Dodgers will be looking to do next. 

David Vassegh on if the big trade means that the Dodgers are getting Harper: 

The reason why it's connected because it gives the Dodgers the flexibility and the option to pursue Bryce Harper if he isn't able to get that 10-12 year contract that he is looking for. Did they do that specifically to get Bryce Harper? No.

Fans would want the Dodgers to sign Bryce Harper for 10-12 years and get them over the hump but the facts are, if they sign him for 10-12 years they are handcuffing themselves down the road. 

Listen to the conversation! 

Photo: Getty Images

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