Manny Machado Had Yankees Fans Excited Over Latest Instagram Activity

After visiting with the Philadelphia Phillies, Chicago White Sox, and New York Yankees before Christmas, Manny Machado says he expects to make a decision on where he will land very soon. But he might have hinted at which way he’s leaning Monday when he started following a certain network on Instagram. 

Machado started following the YES Network which is based out of New York and less than two hours after the world first began to notice that he followed the  network based in New York, Machado quickly dropped them from his feed.

As of today, everyone is waiting to see where the 26-year-old superstar will end up since it will have a big impact on what Bryce Harper will do following up.

If you remember during the regular season, when he was still with the Orioles, Machado liked a post of himself in a Yankee uniform boosting speculation that he might be traded to the Bronx at the deadline. He eventually headed to the Dodgers where he helped the team win another pennant and World Series appearance. 

Photo: Getty Images

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