LeBron Brings Grizzlies Employee To Tears By Giving Her Game Worn Shoes

The Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Grizzlies last night 111-88 to move them to 16-10 on the season. During the final moments of the game, LeBron did something that made the day of a Grizzlies employee. 

LeBron James passed along his game-worn sneakers to the Grizzlies' assistant equipment manager who LeBron noticed every time they would play in Memphis. The employee is Brian’e Miller who admitted she is a huge fan of LeBron James.  

"Every year I've come here she's always worn a very exclusive pair of my shoes and I've always noticed it and I've never said anything to her. And tonight I said something to her for the first time and she was like, 'Yeah, I've always been Team Lebron.' So she got a pair of LeBrons."

Miller was very emotional when she got a hold of those sneakers and is a moment she will always cherish. 

Photo: Getty Images

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