Yasiel Puig To Fans: "Thank You And Sorry At The Same Time"

20 minutes after the Los Angeles Dodgers suffered the Game 5 loss to the Boston Red Sox, Yasiel Puig talked to Uninterrupted to express his apology to Dodgers fans that they couldn't get the job done. He went into depth on this new Uninterrupted video to talk about all the experiences this season and how they will bounce back. 

And I want to say thank you to all of Los Angeles. All the fans, going to 163 games this season, and stay 18 innings, 7 hours in Game 3. Thank you and sorry at the same time for not getting the job done.

Ever since Yasiel Puig made his debut in 2013, he has been a key contributor to the Dodgers and is a big reason why the Dodgers have won 6 straight NL West titles and back to back World Series trips. 

Puig this season has been very adamant that the Dodgers were going to run through the NL West and make it back to the World Series and win the whole thing. Although they felt short of their, goal, Puig will never fall short of having confidence in himself and his teammates. 

The Dodgers will have some big decisions to make in the next couple weeks before the start of free agency soon. 

Photo: Getty Images

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