Kobe Bryant Jokes About Coming Back To The Lakers

Can we see Kobe Bryant in the purple and gold once again? 

Last night, Kobe was a guest on the Jimmy Kimmel show and was talking about the Lakers slow start to the season and how he watched the last eight minutes of the fourth quarter and overtime of the Game vs. the Spurs and the struggles. 

Kimmel: So how many games would the Lakers have to lose for you to come back to the team? 

Kobe: If they go 0-5 i'll think about it......no i won't. 

To all the Kobe fans who had dreams of him playing with LeBron, it was very short lived. Kobe has stated numerous times that no matter what happens, he will never come back in a uniform every again. 

Another interesting fact that we learned about Kobe is that for a year, he actually learned how to tap dance.  

Kimmel: In order to protect your ankles, you learned to tap dance.

Kobe: I did.

Kimmel: Why didn’t we know this?

Kobe: Uh, well it’s kept secret for obvious reasons.

Kimmel: Do they make tap shoes in your size?

Kobe: Had to get them made. I can’t go to the store and be like, “Yeah, I’ll take those size 14s.”

Kobe continued to talk about the moment he walked into the studio. 

“My first class though, I walked into the studio, and it’s all these like six year olds, seven year olds. Straight up, man. Studio (in) Santa Monica. And these kids are looking at me like, ‘What in the world are you — is this grown a** man doing in here learning to tap dance?”

Kobe has shown that even after his basketball career, he has kept busy with so many things. He now coaches basketball, doing movies, etc. Kobe can never seem to take a break. 

Photo: Getty Images

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