Todd Gurley Talks About How The Dodgers Are An Inspiration

Los Angeles sports has been taking over in the year 2018. We have the Lakers, Clippers, Kings, Rams, Chargers, UCLA, USC, Kings, and the Dodgers all creating big headlines this season. One of those players from the Rams Todd Gurley, has been dominating the league this year jumping out to a 6-0 start and looking to make it 7-0 this weekend vs. the 49ers. 

On Wednesday, Gurley was asked why he was wearing the Manny Machado jersey and supporting the Dodgers. 

“I mean, I always knew the Lakers are always the Lakers. It’s been cool, man. It’s really, honestly, no other city that I would want to be in. I always wanted to live in L.A. To be able to play out here, like you said, the Dodgers are doing good. One game away from going to the World Series back to back. When you see stuff like that, it’s just more like inspiration. You want that feeling as well. You don’t want to be the team that’s losing in the playoffs. It just brings that competitive greatness in me.”

Todd Gurley finished up as the runner up for MVP last season and could very well win the NFL MVP this season while the Dodgers look to close out the Brewers tonight to avoid a Game 7. 

If the Dodgers close it out in Game 6, they will face the Boston Red Sox in Boston starting with Game 1 next week. 

Photo: Getty Images

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