Hernandez: "We Had No Energy. The Stadium Had No Energy"

The Los Angeles Dodgers came into Game 3 at home against the Brewers with all the momentum. But now, we cannot say the same about the Dodgers. The offense went 0-10 with runners in scoring position and struck out 14 times. Nothing went right yesterday for the home team. 

Kik√© Hernandez was someone who noticed the Dodgers lack of energy during the Game 3 of the series. After the game, Hernandez had somethings to say about the Dodgers performance. 

We had no energy. The stadium had no energy. Overall, it was a pretty bad game for everybody who calls themselves Dodgers. 


Hernandez was obviously frustrated with everything that happened Game 3 at home and knows that the Dodgers can get rid of this bad taste today in Game 4. 

Tonight Game 4 is back in LA at Dodgers stadium with the Dodgers looking to turn things around 

Photo: Getty Images 


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