NBA Is Forcing Lonzo Ball To Cover His BBB Tattoo

In this Wednesday's game vs. the Warriors, Lonzo Ball checked into the game wearing a white patch over his arm. The reason being is Lonzo has reportedly been contacted by the NBA about his Big Baller Tattoo on his right arm. 

According to TMZ Sports, the reason the NBA told him to cover it up is because the league is prohibiting players to "display any commercial logos" on their body or hair. For every game that he doesn't cover it up, he will be fined for it. 

If you remember, J.R. Smith had the same problem after he got a huge "SUPREME TATTOO" on his leg and the NBA told him that he had to cover it up. 

He made his feelings known across social media that he is he wasn't a fan at all of the ruling by the NBA. 

Lonzo on the other hand looks like he is fine with the ruling and will be covering it up for the rest of the season. It will be interesting to see if LaVar gives his thoughts on it (which he probably will at some point in time). 

Lonzo is currently on his rookie deal, and definitely doesn't want to give up money to these fines that could come if he doesn't cover up. 

Photo: Getty Images 

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