Jimmy Butler To The Timberwolves: "Yo (Expletive) Need Me"

It has been three weeks since Jimmy Butler has requested a trade from the Timberwolves. Apparently, Jimmy Butler wanted to show up to practice and "drop the mic" in the process. 

Today, reporter Adrian Wojnarowski reported that Jimmy Butler showed up to practice followed by a long string of tweets about what happened during the crazy practice. 

As practice went on, it was reported that Jimmy Butler just went off on everyone and should extreme passion throughout the whole practice. 

We have heard in the past that Jimmy Butler hasn't been the biggest fans of the Timberwolves young players which include Karl Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins because of their work ethic and playing style in practice.

He didn't stop with the players, the GM Scott Layden got an earful from Jimmy in practice. 

Jimmy Butler has been adamant that he wants his trade request granted and made it clear that he wants to be on another team before the season starts next week. 

We will keep you updated! 

Photo: Getty Images

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