Dodgers Move On To Play The Brewers In The NLCS

The Dodgers have beaten the Atlanta Braves and move on to face the Brewers in the NLCS. Dodgers went down 2-1 early in the game, but clutch performances by David Freese and Manny Machado are the reason they are moving on right now. 

After being down 2-1 early, Dodgers took the 3-2 lead in the top of the 6th thanks to a 2-out 2-RBI single by David Freese who has shown time and time again that he is clutch in October. 

Then in the 7th inning, Manny Machado went the distance and hit a 3-run HR to give the Dodgers a run lead. 

These are the games that the Dodgers knew they would need Manny Machado for when they traded for him earlier this year. 

The Dodgers are getting ready to take on the Milwaukee Brewers who will be coming off more rest than the Dodgers would have after they swept the Colorado Rockies in the NLDS. 

Clayton Kershaw will get on the mound on Friday looking to take a game in Milwaukee to set the tone early. It is going to be an outstanding matchup between great pitching from the Brewers and great hitting by the Dodgers. 

Photo: Getty Images

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