LeBron's Old Cavs Locker Is Now A Towel Closet

After moving on a second time from Cleveland, the Cavs decided they wanted to take a shot at LeBron. 

The Cavs this season decided to completely revamp their locker room and one of the first things things we ask is "who has LeBron's old locker?" 

Well, you can say LeBron's locker is definitely taken.

Yes, LeBron's old locker is now a towel closet.

After 11 seasons in two stints and bringing the first professional sports title to the city since 1964, this is how LeBron James will be remembered in the Cleveland locker room.

LeBron the last couple seasons has been known to be really petty on social media and it might just be only a matter of time before he responds.  

Photo: Getty Images

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