Matt Barnes Confirms Kobe's "No Flinch" Game Was Legit

Matt Barnes finally confirms what we have all been waiting on. Last week, Taco Trey Kerby tweeted out that you shouldn't watch the Kobe-Barnes no flinch game unless you want it ruined. 

Twitter detectives went in and it looked like Kobe's "no flinch" game wasn't true any more. 

Barnes spoke with TMZ Sports to clear the air on the whole situation and said that Kobe definitely didn't flinch and he put the ball right in his face. 

As far as I know that sh*t went in his face and he didn't flinch. I thought that was a dead story.

Well, the one week debate whether or not the Kobe "no flinch" game was real or not is over and we finally have some clarity. We can now go back to putting this moment in our "Top 5" Kobe moments ever.  

Photo: Getty Images

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