Suspects Charged With Burglarizing The Home Of Yasiel Puig

Four people were arrested in a series of burglaries that targeted Dodgers Yasiel Puig, Rams wide receiver Robert Woods, and Lakers star LeBron James along with other celebrities including Rihanna and Christina Milian.

LAPD captain Lillian Carranza talked about the strategy the burglars used to target each one of the homes.

They flock like birds to areas where the rich and famous resided." Once a potential target home was selected, a larger vechicle would be utlized to give the suspects the opportunity to change into more comfortable clothing and hoodies to avoid being recognized and cart away the stolen good.

Tyress Lavon Williams, 19' Damaji Corey Hall, 18; and Jshawne Lamon Daniels, 19, and Ashle Jennifer Hall, 34 who is the mother of Damaji Corey Hall, were named as the four suspects in this case. 

The police stated that the celebrities were targeted based upon their travel schedules and when they would be away from their homes. The most recent burglary occurred when they robbed the home of Yasiel Puig last month in the San Fernando Valley. 

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