Yasiel Puig: "We're Going To Win The West And Go To The Playoffs."

Yasiel Puig isn't a player that lacks any sort of confidence. After a three-run homer by Puig, the Dodgers jumped to a 5-2 lead and eventually won the game and swept the series. 

This week, another burglary took place at the home of Yasiel Puig and admitted it was a rough night.

"I didn't sleep too much yesterday," Puig said. 

 After the sweep of the Rockies, Puig is feeling especially confidence and know they are riding a momentum going into this home stretch.

"We're going to win the West," Puig declared, "and go to the playoffs." 

The Dodgers are gearing up for a series against the Padres tomorrow night and only time will tell if Puig's statement will come true. 

Photo: Getty Images

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