Madden Cover Athletes: Antonio Brown Will Grace 'Madden 19' Cover

It has been revealed that Steelers superstar wide receiver Antonio Brown will grace the 'Madden 19' cover. While there is an abundance of excitement from fans, there is also an undoubted sense of worry for some -- considering the infamous "Madden Curse". 

In spirit of the long-standing tradition of the league's top players appearing on the Madden Cover, we take a look at the previous athletes to be featured.

Check out the full list of Madden Cover athletes below.

Madden 19 Cover Athlete: Antonio Brown

Madden 18 Cover Athlete: Tom Brady

Madden 17 Cover Athlete: Rob Gronkowski

Madden 16 Cover Athlete: Odell Beckham Jr. 

Madden 25 Cover Athlete: Richard Sherman

Madden 14 Cover Athlete: Barry Sanders

Madden 13 Cover Athlete: Calvin Johnson

Madden 12 Cover Athlete: Peyton Hillis 

Madden 11 Cover Athlete: Drew Brees

Madden 10 Cover Athletes: Troy Polamalu and Larry Fitzgerald

Madden 09 Cover Athlete: Brett Favre

Madden 08 Cover Athlete: Vince Young

Madden 07 Cover Athlete: Shaun Alexander

Madden 06 Cover Athlete: Donovan McNabb 

Madden 2005 Cover Athlete: Ray Lewis

Madden 2004 Cover Athlete: Michael Vick

Madden 2003 Cover Athlete: Marshall Faulk

Madden 2002 Cover Athlete: Daunte Culpepper

Madden 2001 Cover Athlete: Eddie George

*Legendary coach and the longtime voice of the Madden franchise, John Madden, was featured on the cover from 1988-2000

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